13 Collaboratives Selected for
Our State, Our Work Program

A two-year initiative to connect young adults
to living wage employment opportunities.

These selected community collaboratives will serve as statewide leaders in implementing positive strategies to significantly expand and deepen education and employment pathways for Opportunity Youth and will pilot practices that benefit communities across the state.

Meet the Community Collaboratives

Carolina Across 100 is eager to launch the Our State, Our Work initiative with these 13 teams, made up of business, civic, education, nonprofit, faith-based, and government entities. These 13 cross-sector teams represent 37 counties across the state. Each team will receive a variety of supports from the University, all aimed at connecting North Carolina’s young adults to jobs that pay a living wage. The teams are numbered from West to East on the map below. Click on each team’s tile to learn more!

Opportunity for Impact

The selected teams represent 37 counties from the mountains to the coast and are home to nearly 40% of our state’s population of Opportunity Youth. Learn more about Opportunity Youth, how Carolina Across 100 will support this population, and why this work is important, in the blog Meeting Them Where They Are: Supporting Opportunity Youth in North Carolina.

Counties participating in Our State, Our Work make up more than a third of our state's 100 counties
Counties participating in Our State, Our Work are home to nearly 40% of North Carolina's Opportunity Youth population

Teams gathered for the first time on September 19-20, 2022

After two days together, local leaders headed back to their communities with more connections, big ideas, and new support for their work over the next 18 months. Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone whose partnership makes this program possible.

Learn More

Learn more about why the focus of this first program is on connecting young adults to living wage employment opportunities.

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