Carolina Across 100

The Carolina Across 100 Initiative will extend the University’s reach and, in collaboration with local leaders, address longstanding challenges exacerbated by and the new challenges associated with COVID-19. Charged by Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz, UNC School of Government faculty member Anita Brown-Graham and her team are leading a five-year initiative to partner with communities in each of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

North Carolina is home to many who have borne a disproportionate burden related to COVID-19. Shuttered small businesses need a path to reopen, some workers will need retraining to return to the post-COVID workplace, and focused efforts must be made to save youth from long-term effects of learning loss.  

Carolina Across 100 will exemplify the University’s mission to “enhance the quality of life for all people in the State” by creating meaningful partnerships with communities across North Carolina to respond effectively to opportunities and challenges facing communities. This is an opportune time to remind North Carolinians that we are in this together.