2024 POV Challenge

Hosted by Carolina Across 100 during UNC Engagement Week

Top 2 teams will win $500


Register by
Feb. 16

Q&A Session
Feb. 19

Submissions Due
Feb. 25

Winners Announced
Mar. 1

On the Topic of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Help us better understand mental health challenges throughout North Carolina and the strategies communities are employing to address those challenges. Use publicly available information, like data and existing resources, to research any of the prompts below. Then get creative in sharing what you learned and what you think.

Share Your Point of View

Form a team of 2-5 students and work together to convey your findings and ideas – use any combination of research, data, personal experience, and your own expression, to answer one of the three prompts below:

  • In 2022, the 988 crisis line went live. We challenge you to create something that connects youth, college students or young adults to this mental health resource when they need it.

  • What are ways that you feel connected to and connect with other people in your community? What does research tell us about connection/community, and how do connections support your mental health?

  • How can communities across the state reduce stigma around mental health and suicide? What does research tell us about the prevalence and/or impact of stigma and what can be done to eliminate it?

You can choose how to convey your team’s insights and ideas. For example, your submission could be an infographic, a slide presentation, a data dashboard, or an interactive data visualization. You could also choose to design a poster, create artwork, write poetry, perform music, record a podcast, or offer an interpretive dance. A goal of this competition is to be inclusive, diverse, and creative in the ways that information and data can be visualized and shared. 

Your Team Could Win $500

The top two entries will receive a $500 award, with smaller prizes awarded to “honorable mentions.” While we are offering prizes, we expect that all of the submissions will prove to be invaluable to the partnerships between our campus and North Carolina’s 100 counties. Submissions from this competition will be used to engage with communities across the state through programs like Our State, Our Wellbeing. 

Your Work Will Inform Community Action

As part of UNC’s Engagement Week, Carolina Across 100 (CX100) offers the POV Challenge to invite undergraduate and graduate students to help analyze and visualize COVID-19’s health, economic and/or social impacts across North Carolina. Your efforts in this competition will serve as an important contribution to the campus-wide CX100 commitment to help communities in each of the state’s 100 counties.

Six Steps to Participate


This year’s POV Challenge centers around increasing mental health access, reducing stigma, and preventing suicide.

Through your creative submissions, we aim to better understand the challenges faced by individuals navigating mental health issues, generate ideas for reducing stigma related to mental health, and share opportunities to strengthen suicide prevention in North Carolina.

Across race, age, geography, and other categories, all communities in North Carolina are affected by mental health challenges and suicide. How can we increase awareness about resources for people in crisis? How can we strengthen community connections to help decrease isolation? What are your ideas for reducing stigma?

When reviewing data and creating submissions, we encourage participants to explore diverse experiences and perspectives within this context. By pairing your understanding of current mental health and suicide data with your own perspective or point of view, we will gain a deeper understanding of how available data compares to individual ideas and experiences on this topic. As the CX100 team trains collaboratives across the state in learning how to strengthen community connections and better understand how to improve mental health and reduce suicide, we’re looking forward to learning from your work and creative expressions. 

We expect submissions to be based on data, research, or other evidence about the subject matter, but encourage your teams to be creative in how you apply and communicate that information in your creative products.

Yes, but with one main caveat – the data must be publicly available. This means data that is available to anyone without restrictions or special permissions. (Publicly available data does not always mean free, though all the examples linked above are both free and publicly available). Examples of these types of data sets can be found here.

  • Deadline to register: Friday, 2/16
  • Q&A session: Monday, 2/19 at 12pm  
  • Submission deadline: Sunday (2/25) by midnight 
  • Judge review: Monday 2/26 – Wednesday 2/28 
  • Reception: Friday, 3/1
  • Receive feedback from judges on your submission: about 1 week after the POV Challenge ends  

You can register to participate by signing up at this link https://unc.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e8uVtwMaocTflLE. The form includes prompts about your team’s info and confirms your participation in the Q&A Session. 

Teams can include 2 to 5 participants, comprised of undergraduate or graduate students from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Each team is allowed to make up to one (1) entry.

In order to submit your visualization for review and judging, it will need to be uploaded using this Qualtrics link.

If your creative product is not digital, you may offer a photo or video of it (examples: submit a photo of your artwork or a recording of a musical performance).

If you have questions or experience any trouble along the way, contact Abigail Holdsclaw at aholdsclaw@sog.unc.edu. If she is unable to help immediately, we will get you connected to the appropriate support.   

Submissions will be assessed based on creativity, clarity, and usefulness.  

See the rubric judges will use here: 2024 POV Challenge Judges Rubric  

Judges will be announced soon and listed here within the FAQs.

Yes. Approximately a week after the competition ends, all teams will receive feedback from our panel of experts. 

After the competition, POV Challenge submissions will be used in a variety of ways as the Carolina Across 100 initiative continues to engage with communities across the state. They will be accessible on the Carolina Across 100 website with a discussion guide and brought to community conversations about the pandemic. They will also be archived by UNC Libraries.   


All POV Challenge submissions will become part of the Carolina Across 100 initiative’s materials and individuals/creators will be credited by listing their names, majors, and that the content was submitted as part of the POV Challenge. They will be shared with communities to facilitate conversations about recovery aspirations and innovations.  

Help us reach a wider student audience and celebrate your contributions to this Engagement Week challenge! Include #CarolinaAcross100 and #EngagementWeek2024 in your social media posts. Tag the ncIMPACT Initiative – find our handles here: https://linktr.ee/ncIMPACT

Yes! Students who participate in the 2024 POV Challenge can earn CLE credit. Learn more on this POV Challenge – Heel Life page.

Campus and Digital Resources

Research Hub YouTube Playlists

Students have free access to many training videos through LinkedIn Learning.


    BeAM is a network of makerspaces where you can join the UNC maker community in the design and making of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship and recreation. You can participate in open studios, training sessions, workshops, host classes and group activities in spaces equipped with emerging technologies like 3D printing as well as wood and metalworking shops.

  • Makerspace @ KSL

    The Makerspace @ Kenan Science Library enables UNC students, staff and faculty to explore emerging technologies and foster a creative community of makers and making.

  • Carmichael Makerspace

    Carolina Housing has partnered with BeAM to provide a Makerspace in Carmichael residence hall to make it easy and convenient for residents on campus to start making and creating! It also provides a unique space to engage with each other and for staff to put on fun programs and events.

  • Morrison Art Studio

    The Morrison Art Studio is located on the bottom floor of the Morrison Residence Hall and provides residential students an opportunity to unleash your inner artist. The 24-seat studio features free use of all the supplies you’ll need for painting and drawing and an artist-in-residence who is a graduate student working toward their Master of Fine Arts degree. The artist-in-residence serves as a resource to all visitors.

  • Music Practice Rooms

    The Department of Music houses 32 practice rooms in the basement level of Hill Hall with a variety of configurations, resources, and instruments available for student use. Most of the rooms are equipped with an upright or electric piano, mirror, and music stand.

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