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Contributions Beyond the Classroom

Reflections from the Carolina Across 100 Undergraduate Course

Jess Dorrance (ncIMPACT Research Director) and student authors

September 21, 2023

Last May, as the Spring 2023 semester wrapped up, we published this blog post that highlighted the incredible ways UNC students have been contributing to the Carolina Across 100 (CX100) initiative since the very beginning. Now, as the Fall 2023 semester gears up and the energy of our students can be felt across campus, we want to turn the spotlight once again to the impact they have made on this work. In particular, we want to highlight students’ own reflections on these contributions.

In the CX100 experiential learning course, offered during the fall and spring semesters, 28 students had the opportunity to work with one of the 13 cross-sector collaborative teams participating in the Our State, Our Work program. Students were paired with a community team to help expand their capacity, carry out specific workplans or tasks, and contribute to the program goal of reaching and supporting Opportunity Youth across North Carolina.

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Carolina Across 100 is a five-year initiative whose goal is to aid community-driven recovery and build sustainable efforts in all 100 counties by providing human resources, data insights, coaching, facilitation, coordination efforts, and program design.