Student Engagement

Carolina students have been involved with Carolina Across 100 from the start. A student launch team was formed in June 2021 to plan student engagement and begin building campus outreach. Four students, one graduate and three undergraduate, engaged in the early work of hearing from communities and thinking through how to share their experiences with more students at Carolina.

2021 Student Launch Team

Caitlin Lancaster

Chrisy Hayden

Keshav Javvadi

Sneha Pasupula

In September, more than 50 students, both graduate and undergraduate from diverse fields of study, signed up to help kick off this important work. To begin to understand the effect of the pandemic and challenges for full recovery, students conducted interviews with community leaders from sectors and regions across the state, hearing about current challenges. Those interviews helped to develop a survey that was distributed to 10,000 people in North Carolina. Results from that survey are expected to be released in November 2021.

In addition to interview skills, students are learning survey design skills and working with experts at Carolina’s Odum Institute to prepare the interview discussion guide. More opportunities for student engagement will evolve over the course of this five-year initiative. Students are encouraged to stay connected with Carolina Across 100 to be the first to know as new engagement opportunities are announced.